Occasional Updates 03

Jane Hart’s annual list of the top 110 tools for learning is once again dominated by free online social tools. Number 1 is … Twitter. It’s how people get their updates, develop their professional networks, and share their ideas. YouTube is number 2. Google number 3. E-Learning (management) systems hardly appear. We really should take… Read More »

Occasional Updates 02

In the first couple of weeks at uni (when did university become ‘uni’?) students might be asking themselves what they’ve let themselves in for. And in fact, it’s not always clear. In What is the Point of College? Kwame Anthony Appia explores whether going to university is about learning how to live and the pursuit of happiness, or… Read More »

Occasional Updates 01

The election of Jeremy Corbyn didn’t come out of nowhere and it will change the political climate. There’ll be more direct opposition to austerity policies particularly in health and social care and more support for cooperativism, both inside and outside government. That is, if he lasts the distance … Here in the Dept. it’s time… Read More »

Being a learner

I’m currently thinking through the planning of an MA course that begins in September. The idea is to help the students to develop those academic communication skills (information/network literacy) that will enable them to get the most out of their time at mmu and equip them for the future. I’ve done enough teaching of ‘academic… Read More »

Adapting Moodle

One of the things that drives me mad about Moodle is the constant scrolling necessitated by having a kind of linear, one-page container for all topics/weeks of a course over the academic year. One way of getting round this is to set up a table of contents and link items on it to their respective… Read More »