Researchers recently confirmed the counter-intuitive creativity-boosting effects of boredom by subjecting one group of study participants to the mind-numbing task of copying out the telephone book for 15 minutes. After attaining a state of utter boredom in this manner, the study subjects were then given a standard test of creativity in which they needed to … [Read more...]

Coffee+Creativity= Coffitivity

I’m hopeless at doing anything when there’s music playing in the background. I listen, it’s my natural bias.  That’s why I tend to avoid reading in cafes. Maybe a newspaper, but definitely not a novel.  I’ll re-read the same page five times before realising it’s just not going in. Talking yes. Coffee shops are famous … [Read more...]

And so begins the purge

I joined Facebook to discover how it works. I did that. Now I don’t like it and I don’t need it. Facebook makes it difficult to permanently delete your account.  Thanks to Alan Levine (Through the Heart, Facebook) for making it easy.

Brian Eno on creativity

1. Doing one thing really well is ok 2. Everything good comes out of authentic enthusiasm 3. The big mistake is to wait for inspiration 4. Notice when something emerges that is new 5. Be a cowboy that goes out and finds new territory 6. Be ready to make use of opportunities that arise 7. … [Read more...]

Rhetorics of Creativity

Literature review that outlines 5 rhetorics of creativity: creative genius democratic and political creativity ubiquitous creativity creativity as a social good creativity as an economic imperative

The Power of Two – How creativity is relational

Recent studies of creativity have tended to concentrate on how individuals or groups can be understood as creative.  Here’s an article from the Atlantic that looks at how a partnership between two people can be creative in a way that is not reducible to the sum of their parts.  It’s less the plus in Lennon … [Read more...]

The obliteration of a person

In the Guardian, an adaptation of The Iceberg, a memoir by Marion Coutts about her husband’s last months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She writes: “There is going to be destruction: the obliteration of a person, his intellect, his experience and his agency. I am to watch it. This is my part.” Something … [Read more...]

Are some people born creative?

Good article that examines research that claims:  a) the brains of people who are already recognised as artistic may have particular characteristics which allows them to develop divergent thinking and b) particular DNA facilitates endless associations. Notice here that a definition of creativity has been smuggled into the discussion: creativity is about thinking outside the … [Read more...]