Being a learner

I’m currently thinking through the planning of an MA course that begins in September. The idea is to help the students to develop those academic communication skills (information/network literacy) that will enable them to get the most out of their time at mmu and equip them for the future. I’ve done enough teaching of ‘academic… Read More »

Adapting Moodle

One of the things that drives me mad about Moodle is the constant scrolling necessitated by having a kind of linear, one-page container for all topics/weeks of a course over the academic year. One way of getting round this is to set up a table of contents and link items on it to their respective… Read More »


No, not a new app but a thought-experiment by Douglas Coupland prompted by the ways in which apps such as Grindr and Tinder have re-shaped our sexual landscape and filled it with vast amounts of data. Wonkr would be similar but dedicated to political proclivities: ‘Primarily, you put Wonkr on your phone and it asks you… Read More »